Caged Pulse Jets is an interactive, kinetic sound sculpture. The caged birds are five spinning pulse jet engines of various sizes that create a range of percussive and droning tones. Through a completely interactive interface, the public can create sound compositions ranging from the symphonic to the cacophonous while they are held captive by the fiery jets spinning by their own thrust.

October 04, 2011

Back from the Playa!

Ahhh, finally cleaned off the Playa dust from EVERYTHING! So Burning Man- we went, we survived, we returned. The new interface with the audience was disappointing, as it did not really work. I figure that the electronics involved with the new little (expensive) proportional valves did not hold up to the playa dust at all. Also, we managed to fry almost all commutators while out there, so it was truly a frustrating week of trouble shooting and fixing stuff. The highlight for me was welding in a complete white out! When do you get to do that? And having my kiddo, Kodiak around, that was pretty great as well. Then there was the pickle juice at the Front Porch, and operating the fire sails on the Clockship Terre...I digress. CPJ Rev 2 worked for a few days, while I was croutched down, running the jets old school stylie- with the tried and true ball valves. It was dangerous being at such close proximity to them, and fun at that. At least I had the DPW as my faithful audience, kuddos to them for coming out again and again... So for now I need to take a break, reconfigure the control system and polish everything back up. It will work as a true interactive instrument at some point!

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