Caged Pulse Jets is an interactive, kinetic sound sculpture. The caged birds are five spinning pulse jet engines of various sizes that create a range of percussive and droning tones. Through a completely interactive interface, the public can create sound compositions ranging from the symphonic to the cacophonous while they are held captive by the fiery jets spinning by their own thrust.

May 28, 2010

It's Up for the first time!

Scraping together a crew is not always the easiest thing out here in Taos, but I have to say today's crew was awesome and we got plenty done! After gusseting some of the angled corners we schlepped the four pieces outside and bolted them together. Now normally at the bolting stage there should be some tweaking, but, for some stroke of great luck (or just decent measuring) it came together perfectly. We bolted the top ring together, then made angle brackets for the bottom to hold the structure together. All this before the weather decided to go to hell and we called it a day. It's a great looking cage! Next up we will be welding bracing on to the ribs and infilling with rod to add structure and strength.

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